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Our products are available from the following retailers:

  • The Aussie Butcher Gate Pa Tauranga
  • The Fresh Market Gate Pa Tauranga
  • Bubba’s Fishing and Outdoors Whangamata
  • 4 Seasons BBQ Spa Heat Patio, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wairau Park North Shore Auckland (more stores yet to be confirmed)

 Bacon Jam
 The Mother Clucker Chicken Rub
 Mad Cow Beef Powder
 Piranha Pitmaster Fish Rub
 Hogs in Heaven Pork Rub
 Raging Lamb - Lamb Rub
 Hillbilly Harissa Paste
 Hunter's Creek Gourmet Sausage Sauce
 The Meat Sweats Spicy BBQ Sauce